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Al Sawadi Beach

Al Sawadi Beach is one of the most tranquil private beaches of the Sultanate of Oman and overlooks the serene string of Sawadi Isles. It is the ultimate choice for fun and leisurely relaxation.

It is also one of the best beaches for great water sports and diving.


Muscat is the capital of Oman.

Muttrah is one of the many districts of Muscat City and is famous for it’s vivid Fishmarket, the Harbour, the Corniche and the Arabian Souq.

The Fish Market offers an interesting glimpse on the immense variety of the fish in the Omani waters, as well as fresh vegetables, fruits and meat.

Stroll then along the Corniche – where you might see the private yacht of His Majesty and many typical Arabian Dhows. Also particularly interesting is the House fronts of some old residential buildings – which are still inhabited by the Lawatiyah Sect – famous for their trading abilities.

At the far end of the Corniche you will see the Majestic “Muttrah Fort” – one of the remnants of the Portuguese era. Passing this fort you will – after approximately 2 km  arrive at Riyam Park.

Muscat is also famous for its 'Horseshpe' shaped harbour and its forts - Fort Mirani and Fort Jalali.



Quriyat is a small fishing village on the coastline along the Arabian Gulf. Most inhabitants retain traditional customs and pursue ancient crafts such as blacksmithing, saddlework, boat building, camel rearing and repairing firearms.



Ras Al Hadd is considered the last point in East of Oman. It is most notable for its beaches which are home to many wild turtles, who lay their eggs on the sand and which then hatch in front of delighted tourists.
The unique turtle reserve 'Ras Al Junayz' is also in Ras Al Hadd.