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Colombo & Dambulla


Colombo, sri lanka’s bustling capital is located on the country’s west coast and with a population of between 800,000 and one million (estimates vary is by far the country’s biggest city as well as it’s window on the world. its natural harbour at the mouth of the kelani river was a magnet for successive traders and conquerors – first arab merchants, then portuguese, dutch and british imperialist.

The city is sometimes a jarring mix of old and new, with a central cluster of high rise office blocks and hotels overshadowing red tiled colonial are buildings and sprawling street markets which overflow with high piled fruit and vegetable, colourful silks and cottons, and deliciously fragrant spices.during the day, however, its colourful street markets, colonial-era building, museums and galleries, churches, mosques and temples and the lovely viharemahadevi park with it’s beautiful trees, make it a great place to explore on foot.
This vihara known in ancient times as the jambukolale na vihara is situated on top of the rock of dambulla. here are cave inscriptions of the 2nd century bc. inside several dripledged caves here image houses have been constructed. the structures here have been renovated by vijayabahu (1055-1110 ad).

According to an inscription of nissanka malla at the site that king has gilded the statues here and named the site the rangiri dambulla. king kirtisiri rajasinha of kandy effected the last renovations here.

Inside the vihara are many seated, standing and recumbent buddha statues and statues of gods. on the walls of the image houses are paintings. most of the images and paintings belong to the kandy period.