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Rajasthan is one such state in India that has widely contrasting topography. People of Rajasthan are commonly known as Marwaris. The language prevalent is Marwari and mixed Hindi. Most of the area in Rajasthan is arid and suffers acute tropical climate and the vast desert of Thar is spread wide over the state.

The people of Rajasthan are very efficient in trade and commerce. Having a unique knack and tactic in trade, they are widely popular as the masters of business. Jaipur,the Pink City and Udaipur,the city of palaces, are places historically most prominent.
The desert of Thar in Rajasthan is a fascinating view. The boundless sea of golden sands of the vast desert conjures up a mystic sensation of the tales in Arabian Nights. The camel, popularly known as the ship of the desert, is not only common in the Thar Desert, but also the only means of transportation in remote areas.

Rajasthanis or the Marwaris are very much particular about their attire that is moored to their culture and traditions. Men usually wear the 'Dhoti' a long, plain white cotton cloth or the cotton 'Kurta Pyjama'. Rajasthani women follow a very conservative way of dressing. Young unmarried women usually wear 'Khagra Choli' of different merry colours and the married women wear sari with its end worn as a veil covering head and face.

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2 Nights Delhi, 1 Night Agra, 2 Nights Jaipur, 1 Night Mandawa, 1 Night Bikaner, 2 Nights Jaisalmer, 2 Nights Jodhpur, 2 Nights Udaipur, 1 Night Mumbai.
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