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Indiahhhh! intoxicating, incomparable and inspirational - a great country one simply cannot compare with anywhere else in the world. With bewildering wealth of sights, sound, tastes and textures. India is an experience to savour to relish and to treasure. It is no place for the faint-hearted.
India comprises a diamond-shaped subcontinent that stretches over 3,000 kms. (1,800 miles) from the Kashmir mountains in the north right down to Kanyakumari or Cape Comorin on the Indian Ocean. It is a massive family with a lot of different and inevitably conflicting regional and sectarian interests. The Rupee, the official currency, bank notes are printed in India's 15 different languages. A count of languages spoken all over India leaving out the dialects, comes to 1,652, written in 13 different alphabets.It is important to remember not to apply conversion values to everything you see here. The poverty, for instance, does not create the sense of shame as it does for the people who live in western countries.

In India, poverty is borne with considerable dignity and even with a cheerfulness that some may find it difficult to understand. The cow has the right of way everywhere, whether walking nonchalantly through the centre of a city or reclining across a new expressway.After a while you may begin to detect something a bit uncanny in the way a cow seems to look around and beyond her immediate surroundings - it's as if she knows that she is sacred.India has a wealth of flora and fauna. It is estimated that there are over 500 species of mammals, 2000 species of birds, animals like the elephants, lions outside Africa, the royal Bengal tiger, leopard, variety of deer, monkeys and wild goat.

Shopping is remarkably good value for money in India, you name it - it's here…as well, so be careful. Most brand names are manufactured in India and have their own outlets.So, whatever you may fancy from the beautiful sun drenched beaches, countryside, wild life, and tales of Rajas and Maharajas or simply day dream on houseboat or relax on the palms-fringed beaches, ayurvedic treatment the list goes on and on. We offer the ultimate magic which is Indiahhhhhh !


9 Days Wild Luxury Kipling Trail
Delhi, Katni, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, Nagpur
21 Day Extravaganza North to South
1 Night Delhi, 1 Night Agra, 2 Nights Jaipur, 2 Nights Jodpur,
2 Nights Bera, 2 Nights Udaipur, 1 Night Udaipur/Kota to Goa (overnight train journey), 3 Nights Goa,
1 Night Goa to Cochin (overnight train journey),
2 Nights Cochin, 1 Night Alleppey (Houseboat), 3 Nights Kovalam.
Magical Indiaaa!! 21 Nights From £1549 Price Per Person
1 Night Delhi - 1 Night Agra - 2 Nights Jaipur
6 Nights Goa - 1 Night Train
2 Nights Alleppey - 2 Nights Periyar - 2 Nights Cochin
1 Night Houseboat - 3 Night Kovalam Beach
Wildlife and Goa Beaches
1 Night Delhi, 2 Nights Ranthambore, 1 Night Jodhpur, 2 Nights Bera,
1 Night Jaipur & 6 Nights Goa
Golden Triangle and Kerala Tour
1 Night Delhi, 1 Night Agra, 2 Nights Ranthambore, 2 Nights Jaipur,
2 Nights Alleppey, 2 Nights Periyar, 1 Night Munnar, 1 Night Houseboat,
1 Night Cochin.
Taj Tiger Tour
2 Nights Delhi, 2 Nights Jaipur, 2 Nights Agra,
1 Night Khajurao, 2 Nights Bandavgarh, 2 Nights Kanha,
2 Nights Pench
Nepal & North India
3 Nights Kathmandu, 2 Nights Chitwan, 2 Nights Pokra,
1 Night Varanasi, 1 Night Khajuraho, 2 Nights Agra,
2 Nights Jaipur, 1 Night Delhi

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