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Kandy , which was the last independent kingdom of the Singhalese kings, is the most important place for the present Buddhist beacause of the sacred tooth relic temple. Kandy is also the most beautiful city of Srilanka with it's picturesque lake built by it's last king it's hills surrounding the city, it's devale the oldest the natha devale belonging to the 14th century and the palace of the last king of Kandy which are now the districts courts and the archeological museum. Kandy also is the center for Buddhist cultural affairs with meditation centre and Buddhist publication societies.

The Temple of Tooth
The Tooth Relic of the Buddha is enshrined here. This shrine was built by King Vimaladharma uriya in 17th century when Kandy was the capital of Ceylon. King Weeraprakkrama Narendrasinha rebuilt the temple reducing if from three stories to two stories. The last king of Ceylon, Sri Wickremarajasinha added the OCTAGON to the shrine and built the moat at its boundary. As the tooth was always built beside the King's palace. The temple of the tooth has painting of the Kandy period on it.

Spice Garden in Matale
Sri lanka has been famed through the ages for its spices and aromatics like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, pepper, vanilla and citronella. These are a number of private spice gardens along the KandyMatale road which can be visited by tourists.