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Kondailip Backwater Resort


Kondai lip the heritage resort having a natural backwater frontage at Kondai, in Ezhupunna situated in northern lip end of Allapuzha district and southern end of metropolitan city Cochin. That is how Kondai lip derived its name. Ezhupunna is an attractive village with paddy fields, shrimp farms and coconut grooves has all its reverence of a quiet country side, far from the madding crowd.

Kondai lip is adorned with beautiful heritage wooden bunglows (re-built) of more than 200 year old are linked with all the modern amenities for the maximum comfort of the guest. These bungalows are built according to the principles of Vastusastra (the most ancient science of architecture) of olden days.

The restaurant is spaciously built in the Kerala style with all delicious Kerala delicacies and other cuisines.

Along with all this attractions, Kondai lip is proud to offer you various exciting activities like bird watching trips to famous Muthukel, fore noon trekking across the country side, which includes a visit to the country boat building yard, manual coir making places, shrimp farm, where you can catch the shrimps you fancy, with the means provided and get it cooked to suit your taste, and last but not the least, you end the day with a sun set cruise to the sea shore. The guest can enjoy the pedal boats, country boats etc, inside the resort enclave itself.



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