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14nts Indian Ocean Cruise from Goa

Day 1 : London / Goa : Departure to Goa.

Day 2 : On arrival you will be transferred to Vessel. After check-in you are free for independent activites. Overnight on board.

Day 3 : Morning at Goa and afternoon depart at 1700hrs from Goa.Overnight on board.

Day 4 : Cruise arrives at Mangalore by 0700hrs and depart by 1600hrs.Overnight on board.

Day 5 : Cruise arrives at Suheli,Lakshadweep Islands by 0600hrs.Overnight on board.

Day 6 : Cruise at Suheli, Lakshadweep Islands and depart by 1800hrs.Overnight on board.

Day 7 : Cruise arrives at Cochin by 1400hrs.Overnight on board.

Day 8 : Morning at Cochin and afternoon depart at 1700hrs from Cochin.Overnight on board.

Day 9 : At Sea. Overnight on board.

Day10 : Cruise arrives at Colombo by 0700hrs.Overnight onboard.
Day 11 : Morning at Colombo and afternoon depart at 1800hrs from Colombo.Overnight on board.

Day 12 : Cruise arrives at Trivandrum by 0700hrs and depart by 1600hrs. Overnight on board.

Day 13 : Cruise arrives at Cheriyam, Lakshadweep Islands by 1000hrs.Overnight on board.

Day 14 : Cruise at Cheriyam , Lakshadweep Islands and departs by 1800hrs .Overnight on board.

Day 15 : Cruising the Indian Ocean. Overnight on board.

Day 16 : On arrival at Goa by 0700hrs you will be transferred to Airport 3hours before the departure to London.

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