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Discover Muscat

A unique blend of the ancient & the modern, Muscat is a beautiful clean city, which lies in the middle of a maze of brown pleated mountains, lulled by the Arabian sea. The city has undergone dramatic development in the past two or three decades, however it has never lost its pride in its heritage & culture. Our visit would start with a tour of the Grand Mosque, which is an architectural marvel and is perhaps the new landmark of the city. We would continue our drive through the ministries area where you can see a number of modern buildings with touches of Islamic architecture. We would then visit the fish market and the Muttrah souk with its narrow covered alleys where the exotic smells of mounds of spices, coffees, ancient remedies and enticing perfumes fill the air. We would visit the Bait Al Zubair Museum, which has a fine exhibit of Omani history and culture. You would have a photo stop at the magnificent Al Aalam Palace (the official residence of Sultan Qaboos) flanked by the twin Portuguese forts of Mirani & Jalali.

Price per person : GBP 30 p.p ( minimum 2 pax)
Duration: 3.5 hours
- The Grand Mosque is open Sat to Wed 0800-1100 hrs only.
- Ladies visiting the Grand Mosque are required to cover their head with scarf and do not wear shorts, beachwear or
sleeveless outfits as they are to be fully covered
- Men visiting the Grand Mosque should wear long trousers.

Dolphin Cruise

The coast of Oman is blessed with a variety of Dolphins & Whales. About 21 different species of Whales & Dolphins have been identified along the coast of Oman, including the Blue Whale which is seldom seen anywhere else in the world.

You would be transferred from your hotel to the jetty. While it is not guaranteed that you would spot dolphins on every trip, it would be an enjoyable experience in the sea and our onboard cetacean specialist would enlighten you with quite a lot of information about these interesting marine mammals.

Note: - Soft drinks & snacks onboard included.
Price per person : GBP 50 ( minimum 2 pax)
Duration: 2.5 hours

Evening Cruise

No other trip would offer you such panoramic view of the coast of Muscat. This short trip would take you all along the
beautiful promenade of Muscat and would provide you with ample opportunities to film some of the landmarks of the city
going past the port, Al Bustan Palace Hotel and the Al Aalam Palace with its twin Portuguese forts.
- Soft drinks onboard included for Sun Set Dhow Cruise & Buffet Dinner for Dinner Cruise. Transportation from
local hotels to Jetty & back also included. Operation subject to weather conditions.
Price per person : GBP 40 Sunset cruise , GBP 60 Dinner cruise
Duration : 2.5 hours Sunset cruise , 4 hours Dinner cruise.


Discover Nizwa and its Forts

Forts and castles are Oman's most striking cultural landmarks and together with its towers and city walls, they have historically been used as defensive bastions or look-out points. It is estimated that there are over 500 forts, castles and towers in Oman. Our visit today would include a few of them, which are more remarkable & striking in their architecture & style. The ancient capital of Oman, Nizwa was a seat of learning and the birthplace of Islam in Oman. The 17th century round fort and the souq famous for silver jewelry are the major attractions of Nizwa, not to mention the popular & interesting cattle auction, which takes place every Friday. We move on to Bahla famous for its handmade pottery. Bahla is listed in UNESCOS world heritage sites, however the fort here is now under renovation and is not open to public. Built as a defensive stronghold, the Jabreen is perhaps the finest of Omani castles. The castle has dungeons, passages, rooms and ceilings decorated with fine carvings & paintings.

Price per person : GBP 95 ( minimum 2 pax)
Duration: 8-10 hours

Discover the North & Batinah area 

The fertile Batinah coast is dotted with beautiful beaches, forts, fishing villages and places famous for camel racing & bull fighting. We would have a short stop at the Seeb Fish market before continuing to the Nakhl Fort and the hot water springs, followed by the majestic fort of Rustaq, which is one of the oldest forts in Oman and is surrounded by watch towers. Before returning to Muscat we would visit the Al Hazm Fort, which has been restored by the government.

Price per person : GBP 80 ( minimum 2 pax)

Duration: 8 hours.






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