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Running south from the Eastern Hajjar Mountains to Arabian Sea, the Wahiba Sands, described a Sand sea, stretches almost 200 kms in length and about 100 kms in width. The dunes rise above 100-150 meters in different shades of colour and shifting sands, is the perfect place for both the romantic and the adventurous. There are still Bedouin families living in this vast expanse of sands. A roller-coaster ride over the dunes would be a thrilling fun especially for those who are first time visitors to the desert. The trip also includes a refreshing visit to the lush pools of Wadi Bani Khalid.

Price per person : GBP 130 ( minimum 2 pax)
Duration: 10 hours 


Having finished a quick visit to the Nizwa souq and the Round Fort in Nizwa, we drive towards the Western Hajjar Mountains rising over 2000 metres, which can be seen from far away as we approach them. We would stop at Al Hamra where 400 years old mud houses are still standing and occupied. The Wadi Nakhr gorge is one of Oman's greatest natural wonders. The mountain village of Misfah and the terrace farming village of Wadi Ghul also would be visited. Jebel Shams (mountain of the Sun) is the tallest peak in Oman at a height of 3010 meters offering spectacular views of the surroundings.

Price per person : GBP 120 ( minimum 2 pax )
Duration: 10 hours 




With stunning views of the waters of the Arabian Sea on one side and the rocky cliffs on the other, this is an exciting drive along the coast road. The first stop on this drive is at Bimah Sinkhole a spectacular limestone crater with blue green water at the bottom. Stop at the white sandy Fins beach for a swim and continue to Wadi Shaab & Tiwi Village. A walk through the narrow roads leads you to lush plantations and pools with clear water. Further ahead are the ruins at of Qalhat, one of the oldest towns and seaports in Oman. Today however only the remnants of the city walls remain. Visit the tomb of the holy lady, Bibi Miriam, which stands high up on the cliff top. We would now drive back to Muscat on the tarmac road.



Price per person : GBP 120 (Minimum 2 pax)

Duration: 10 hours





Depart to Wadi Al Abyadh ( White Wadi ), pass through the lush farm land , watch the roaming camels as youtravel towards the distant peaks of the Hajar range which rise to more than 1000 meters. After rough riding enter theoutskirts of the village of Al Abyadh, slip through the village and catch a glimpse of ancient cliff side houses. Soon youwill reach Wadi Al ABYADH , spring filled shallows, fringed by sand dunes on one end and massive mountain ranges on the other, the essential criterion of a perfect tour. After the Wadi , we will stop at the Nakhl to see its highlight the FORT.


Price per person : GBP 120 (Minimum 2 pax)
Duration: 10 hours





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