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Passports & Visas:

Every person travelling to India will require a visa and a passport valid for at least six months after the planned date of return from your holiday. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party are in possession of a valid and acceptable passport, and any other visa or travel documents that may be required. The information given here is applicable to British citizens holding a full 10-year British passport. All other nationalities or British citizens not holding a British passport should check the passport and visa requirements directly with the Indian Embassy in London.

A tourist visa is required by all non-Indians to visit India.

Goaway provides a service to obtain your Indian visa for you, for a small fee of £75 if you are not booking the flight through us or £65 if you book your flights through us.

If you wish to apply yourself the Indian Visa application process has recently changed and the Indian High Commission has outsourced the issuing of Visas to V.F Services (UK) Ltd ("VFS").


Online and advertised pricing:

Whilst Goaway takes every care in making sure that the website and all advertising is up to date, we cannot be held responsible for any price difference from the price quoted in the online booking or over the telephone. The availability is constantly changing and we will always endeavour to make sure that we advertise the most up to date prices. For the latest pricing please call our sales department or make an online booking as the prices quoted on your booking confirmation will be what you pay.


All flight details including the carrier, aircraft type, timings and routings are indicative only and are subject to Government approvals, airport clearance and reconfirmation by the carrier. Specific details of domestic flights within India will generally be advised and ticketed locally. Whilst our selected air carriers fully comply with all Civil Aviation Authority regulations regarding 'seat pitch', taller passengers may find standard class seating on selected flights a little tight for comfort. Accordingly, wider, premium class seats are available on selective flights, at a supplement, though you'll have to book early if you wish to secure one or more of these. However you travel, you should exercise your leg muscles, both in your seat and on whatever 'walkabouts' are possible, as often as you can. Check-in desks close well before the scheduled departure time of the flight and we recommend checking-in at least three hours before departure. If you are 'closed out' (usually 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure) you will have no recourse against either the airline or ourselves. Sadly, inclement weather (usually in England), air traffic control and technical matters still can and do delay aircraft although our selected airlines are in the forefront of U.K. carriers for 'on time performance'. Whilst competition amongst domestic airlines within India has led to a dramatic improvement in customer standards, delays and overbookings can and still do occur. Although travel insurance policies sometimes make a payment for a lengthy flight delay, neither the airline concerned nor ourselves can be held liable for any inconvenience suffered or cost incurred as a result of any flight delays.

Taxes, Fees and Charges:

U.K. Air Passenger Duty, U.K. Airport Passenger Service Charges, Airport Security Taxes, and Indian Airport and International Departure Taxes at the levels prevailing will be quoyed separately on the website and over the phone when making a booking. Should any of these fees change from time of booking and time of travel, you will be required to pay any increase.


The standard baggage allowance on the flights we operate is 20kg for checked baggage plus one small item of cabin baggage not exceeding 5kg in weight per person. Infants (under 2 years as at the date of homeward travel) do not qualify for a separate baggage allowance. Please note that computers, radios and other electronic items must not be packed in your main baggage but carried as part of your hand luggage.


Although no vaccination certificates are required for entry to India, we advise you to consult your own doctor in good time before your departure as to what precautions may be recommended. In addition, there is a leaflet which you may find helpful in connection with health while travelling, entitled 'Health Advice to Travellers' available either from your ABTA travel agent or from the Department of Health FREEPHONE 0800 555777, website:


Insurance is important and recommended for everyone travelling abroad. You are free to select your own policy. We have negotiated rates for travel insurance with Cover More Insurance Services UK which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

However you purchase your insurance you must satisfy yourself that the policy is adequate for your needs, and in particular for any activities you are contemplating during your holiday. Please contact reservations on 0870 890 7800 for more details on our travel insurance rates.

Ground Representation:

Goaway uses various tour opertors/agents all over India. Should you require any assistance you can contact them while you are in resort. All contact details will be provided with your ticket documents two weeks prior to departure.


All transfers are organised through various tour operators/agents all over India, Please call our reservations team if you wish us to organise a transfer to your hotel or home

Hotel Ratings

All ratings are provides by the hotel or our ground handling agent. These are only for guidance purposes and are not an exact reflection of star rating used in mainland UK. For a description of a hotel please ref to the individual hotel page on this website.


Your room will normally be available to you between 12 noon and 2pm on your arrival day. When departing, you must vacate your room by 11am. Please be aware that a room 'for three persons' is usually a twin / double room with an extra bed of a pullout / folding design and hence conditions may be cramped. Also, if a twin / double room is booked for a single occupancy, its standard and location are often not as good as a twin / double room reserved for two people. As you will appreciate, rooms in any hotel vary although the hotelier and our local representative will always do their best to meet your needs. Rooms are allocated by the management of the accommodation and special requests cannot be guaranteed.


The currency in India is the Indian Rupee. At the time of our brochure going to press £1.00 buys approximately 80 Indian Rupees (or, put another way, Rs.100/- is approx £1.25), making India a particularly low cost destination. The rate of exchange is usually better overseas and Sterling traveller's cheques and bank notes are both welcome and easily exchangeable. Exchange rates offeres at hotels are normally lower than the rates offered by banks. Visa and MasterCard are also amazingly quite widely accepted plus there are now many ATM machines. Do keep any 'encashment certificates' that you will be given when exchanging money since these may be needed for changing any surplus Rupees back into Sterling when you leave.


The national language of India is Hindi but this is spoken principally around Delhi and in the North. States such as Goa are allowed to choose their own 'official' language within their territory and in the case of Goa, Konkani and Marathi have that status and in Kerala it is Malayalam. English is, however, widely spoken and generally and it is highly unusual for our visitors to incur any sort of language problem!

Water & Power:

It is recommended that you drink bottled water and try not to have ice in your drinks. Electricity operates on 220v AC, 50 cycles, an adapter for bayonet cap is recommended and small round 'old-style' 3-pin plugs are used.


The best time to travel to India is between October and May ( Ave day temperature: 24°C to 32°C, evenings 15°C to 22°C) and humidity is generally low although in October, April and May it does get a bit warmer and is more humid. Generally, you will enjoy cool, fresh mornings and evenings and dry sunny days. The monsoon rains occur in the summer months between June and September but it is just possible to get the odd heavy shower in October/November although these are very much the exception rather than the rule.


Service is not usually included in bills and it is customary to tip waiters 5-10% of the bill if not signing in your own hotel. Porters, guides and drivers will not solicit, but will certainly appreciate small gratuities too.

Further Information:

Indian Government Tourist Office,
7 Cork Street,
London W1X 2AB
(Tel: 020 7437 3677,
Fax: 020 7494 1048)

- or visit a good bookshop and check out the latest India titles in the travel section. David Abram's 'Rough Guide' to Goa or Lonley Plant are excellent (and not written just for budget travellers).

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