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Vietnam Facts

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Vietnam covers two different climatic zones - the moderate climate zone in the North of the country and the tropical climate zone in the South.In the moderate northern zone there are two seasons, winter from November to April, and summer from May to October.In the tropical South of the country there are three seasons: the cold season from November to January, the hot season from February to April or May and the rainy season from May or June to October.


The currency of Vietnam is the Dong. There are banknotes of 200 Dong, 500 Dong, 1,000 Dong, 2,000 Dong, 5,000 Dong, 10,000 Dong, 20,000 Dong and 50,000 Dong.You may exchange Traveller Cheques in Saigon, Hanoi and larger provincial cities at the branch offices of the Vietcombank and the Vietnamese overseas export company Cosevina.Outside the cities and tourist centres you will have almost no chance to exchange Traveller Cheques.Credit cards are by far not as well introduced as for instance in Thailand.

Visa is the most widely accepted card; at some places in Saigon, you may charge to your Mastercard.Banks are usually open from Monday through Friday (except on holidays) from 8 am to 11.30 am and from 1 pm to 4 pm, as well as on Saturdays from 8 am to 11.30 am and from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Local Time in Vietnam :
Vietnam is 7 Hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Visa Requirement :
British Passport holders require a visa.

Vietnam Embassy in UK:
Embassy of Vietnam
12 Victoria Road
W8 5RD
Tel : 0207 937 1912
Fax : 0207 937 6108

Useful Travel Phrases:
Greetings - Chao ong (ba)
How are you? - Ong (ba) co khoe khong?
Fine, thanks - Cam on rat tot
My name is ... - Tên tôi là ...
I don't understand - Tôi không hiêú
Restaruant - nhà hàng
Telephone - diên thoai
Hotel - khách san
Hello - Xin chao - seen chow
Thank you - Cam on - Cahm un
Sorry - Xin loi - seen loy
Yes - Vang - vung
No - Khong - Khom
I - Toi - toy
You - Anh ( chi) - Ang / chi
Good - tot - tote
Bad - Khong tot - khom tote
How much - Bao nhieu - Bow nyew
Hotel - Khach San - Khack san
Ticket - Ve - Vee ah (pronounced similarly to "yeah" in English)
Hot - Nong - Nom
Cold - Lanh - Lang
Coffee - Cafe - cah feh
Hot coffee - Cafe Nong - Cah feh nom
Hot Coffee with milk - Cafe nau da - Cah feh no da
Tea - Tra - Chah
Oh my god - Oi gioi oi - oi zoi oi
You're welcome - Khong co' chi
You're beautiful - Co^  dep qua (coh dep wah)
Smile - cuoi len (kuy leen)
Bathroom - pho`ng ve^ sinh (fonh veah sin)